Babysitter goes to sleep on the job. Dad teachers her an unforgettable lesson

Trying to find a night off as a parent can be challenging.

Having children is a full job that leaves little room for personal time. Once you find an opportunity to take a night off, you still need to find someone to watch your kids for you while you and your partner go out for a night on the town. Still, it’s hard to find someone reliable who you can trust in that situation.

One father named Christopher Soares found out just how difficult firsthand.

The story began when Soares and his wife hired a babysitter named Sarah to take care of his three and four-year-old children.

One day, Soares realized that he had left some important papers at his house and had to return home early. When he walked in the door, he expected to see her playing with or at least watching his kids.

Instead, Soares caught Sarah asleep on the couch.

The father was shocked and decided to get evidence.

With his kids still there, Soares started filming the incident and waited around the house to give Sarah the chance to wake up and confront her in person. After waiting around for a half hour, he decided to take drastic action.

Without waking up Sarah, Soares took both of his kids with him!

When Sarah finally wakes up, she panics and starts calling and texting Soares.

Although the babysitter finally decided to reach out for help, it took her an entire two hours to respond to the situation! Needless to say, Soares kept up the ruse for as long as he could to make Sarah as nervous as possible before revealing the truth.

Still, things got worse after that.

Soares reveals in his texts that he has called the police and might be pressing charges.

In response, Sarah tried to file harassment charges against Soares for his cruel prank and his ongoing Facebook posts about the incident. The entire event stirred up plenty of controversy online—needless to say, Soares never hired Sarah to watch his children again.

How would you have reacted in this situation?

Although Sarah’s behavior was negligent and potentially dangerous, Soares’ response was very drastic as well and could potentially be seen as needlessly cruel. Could the same lesson have been achieved by simply firing Sarah and posting about it online? Or was the extra effort necessary? Let us know in the comments below.