Baby Suffered Stroke At Just 4 Months Old, Her Dogs Refused To Leave Her Side; Comfort Her

At just four months old, little Nora Hall suffered a stroke. While most people consider a stroke a health issue that older adults have to deal with, little Nora had one because of pulmonary hypertension. The stroke tore through her, crippling her nervous system and her brain. The little girl, who had been all smiles and the sweetest baby you ever did meet, would never be the same. The stroke had destroyed her chances at a healthy life. And she would not be able to recover, or so the doctors believe.

Following the stroke, Nora’s parents rushed her to the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital where she underwent weeks of treatment. And because the doctors convinced Nora’s parents that there was nothing to be done, her parents decided that they would unhook their baby girl from life support. It was the hardest decision they had ever needed to make.

Although Nora’s fate was sealed, in the weeks leading up to her death, loved ones surrounded her. But among her family, two furry friends were especially heart-warming to the little girl and her parents. The Hall’s pair of 8-year-old Bassett hounds showed little Nora unbounded love while she was in the children’s hospital. They would snuggle up with the baby and keep her warm. And Nora passed away from this earth while her two dogs were pressed up against her showing her love. This act made Nora’s parents emotional. And her mother, Mary Hall, was compelled to tell the world her story on Facebook. She wrote:

“She died with her puppies at her feet and while being held close in the arms of her parents as they sang to her and caressed her and told her how very much they loved her…”

In the video report from ABC News, you’ll get to see this story play out. Watch as the dogs press themselves against the dying baby who suffered a stroke. Their love is palatable.

Dozens of people shared comments about this story and how it made them feel. The following are some of the most popular ones:

“sweet and sad at the same time…”

“This is so heartbreaking! Look at the dog at 0:18 how she´s looking at the baby. Dogs mourn just like humans do…”

“This is why Bassets are the best dogs. They are truly guardian angels on earth!”

“Dogs are AMAZING animals ! … Their senses are brilliant, and outweigh ANY HUMAN! – They know exactly what is going on, or about to take place … My extreme sympathy with your loss … God Bless, and, let a dog be around ANY kid ! … They seem to have the power to let you know what is about to take place! – They are certainly, “MAN’S BEST EVER FRIEND ” – So intelligent, caring, and protective of their family … Take care, and be strong ! … We feel for you !”

“Beautiful little girl. I’m glad she knew doggy love. X I wish you peace & prayers.”

It is a heartbreaking story. But the fact that the dogs showed so much love until the end is heartwarming.

How does this story make you feel?