Baby Girl Has Never Walked – Then Dad Offers Her A French Fry

It is safe to say that some people are willing to do just about anything when it comes to food.

I’ll run 3 miles if it means I get to eat an unlimited amount of soft, warm chocolate chip cookies after I’ve finished. Sweet treats are my absolute weakness! This love of food isn’t just for us adults. Babies are just as committed to food as the rest of us!

Ben Hayman shared a video of his daughter walking and everyone is freaking out about it. Not because she’s taking her first steps, but instead, they’re laughing at why she’s walking.

Ben shared the video on his Instagram originally. He first started the page as a personal account but it quickly became dedicated to his twin daughters after they were born in September 2016.

“Started as my personal account but has now morphed into a twin dad account… sorry to all my mates lucky there is an unfollow option,” Ben wrote in his Instagram biography.

The dad shares his everyday adventures with his twins, Milla and Evie. He often posts photos of the 1-year-old girls when they’re playing around together. He’ll also share throwback photos to when the girls first came home after their time in the NICU.

A video he recently posted has since gone viral, with over 170,000 views on his Instagram. In the video, his daughter Evie is seen taking her first steps. But how did he motivate her to do it? French fries!

“Amazing what girls will do for food,” he wrote on Instagram.

So true, Ben, so true. In the video, you can see how motivated Evie is to get to that french fry!

Babies might be more dedicated to food than adults because, at their age, they’re only just getting to try solid foods. Everything must taste so good to them at that stage! They need to taste everything to see how much they like it.

Hopefully, she got to eat a bunch of french fries afterward! If she’s a good twin, she’ll share those with her sister.

Little Evie takes her first steps in the video, but during it, you can see she got a little distracted. She stopped, giggled a little bit, and then kept walking until she reached the delicious looking french fries.

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