Baby does mom’s hair. Their hilarious “salon” talk conversation is quickly going viral

One of the best parts of getting your hair cut is the conversation.

There’s something relaxing about having someone’s hands on your head, getting shampooed, relaxing and having some nice conversation. Still, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to leave the house to get all the way to the salon. Don’t you ever wish you could have that same experience in the comfort of your own home?

Well, that’s just what mother Kerry Robinson did with her adorable daughter, Jayde.

Robinson and her daughter live in San Antonio, Texas.

It was just another day around the house when Robinson was having trouble calming her daughter down. To try to soothe her, Robinson handed little Jayde a hairbrush and told her to use it on her mom’s hair.

In the process, Robinson decided to take some snapchat videos throughout the process.

The result was a viral video smash.

Throughout the clips, Robinson gossips with daughter about her husband and more—all while Jayde plays the perfect hairdresser and echoes her right back. Robinson cut the series of snapchats together and posted it on Facebook, tagging it #salontalk.

Though it was originally just a fun activity to do with her daughter, the clips have gotten attention all over the internet.

The story was also covered in Cosmopolitan, where Robinson explained that her daughter’s mature verbal skills come as a result of treating her like an equal:

“She’s definitely a unique child … Her dad has never done baby talk with her. I started off trying to baby talk her and her dad wanted me to talk to her like she’s an adult.”

As an added bonus, the Robinson’s talk about Seaworld turned out not to be just chit-chat.

As it turns out, Seaworld San Antonio saw the pair’s video and decided to send the Robinsons VIP tickets to their theme park. They even filmed the entire experience and posted it online.

There are so many things to love about this story.

For one, Robinson and her daughter Jayde are as adorable as they come. For another, it’s beautiful to see a mother being so patient and caring with her child. For anyone who has children or little nieces and nephews, this clip might serve as inspiration for the next time they won’t calm down. And who knows—put it on camera and you could go viral!

Thanks for the lesson, Kerry and Jayde.

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