Autistic 9-Year-Old Boy Defends Himself From Bullies, Parents Outraged When Cops Arrest Him

A shocking incident occurred at the Needham Elementary School in Franklin, Indiana earlier this school year. Because teachers were horrified to see a “fight with bullies” breaking out at their school, they called the police to help break up the fight. But when the cops arrived, they did something unexpected. They handcuffed a 9-year-old boy with autism and then charged him. The boy was arrested and charged with battery and criminal mischief, as a juvenile.

The video included below shows the moment the police handcuff the child. The boy’s father filmed the footage.

The boy had gotten into a tussle with bullies at the playground. The incident occurred on August 30. Two Needham Elementary School staffers stepped in to break up the fight, but things got out of hand, so they called in the police force.

Things were so bad that the school was put on “lockdown” until the police officers arrived. And when the cops did come to the school, they conducted their investigation and found enough evidence to charge the 9-year-old autistic boy with battery.

But the boy’s father doesn’t approve of how the police handled the situation. He captured video of his son being handcuffed – the boy is crying.

After police escorted the crying boy from school, they tossed him into the Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center for a third of an hour before charging him with battery and criminal mischief.

Ronnie Shepperd, the minor’s father, claims the boy was only protecting himself from a bully who had attacked him on the playground.

Shepperd told MailOnline: “Watching my nine-year-old autistic son being handcuffed was very disturbing. He’s very traumatized by it. My son was being bullied by another kid, and he told staff several times about it. Nothing was done so when the kid hit him twice in four days he fought back. Since he is autistic, he went into defense mode when he got hit, so he hit a teacher after she broke up the fight. But when he calmed down he said sorry to the teacher.”

This outburst is not the first time Shepperd’s boy has gotten into a fight. He explained how this one started:

“The second fight in four days broke out when my son was trying to kill a locust, and the bully shoved him and said, ‘stop killing that bug.’ So he got up and the bully punched him in the eye so the fight was on again.”

Other students were shocked to see how the police handled the situation. And they talked about the playground fight.

“The nine-year-old kid went behind [the other boy] and pushed him down and then started choking him.”

The student watched the teacher try to break up the fight. But when the teacher got close, Shepperd’s son jumped on the teacher’s back and started choking her. Another teacher stepped in to save her.

Franklin Police Chief Tim O’Sullivan said that a student was arrested for battering another student and two teachers.

What do you think about this incident? Did the police handle it correctly?