Authorities wanted to euthanize stray to stop disease from spreading, but he refused to give up

When we see animals who have been forced to fend for themselves on the streets, our hearts break for them each and every time. The dog in this story was in particularly rough shape and when rescuers found her, they knew that she was in immediate need of help. The good people who work with Rudozem Street Dog Rescue were contacted and thanks to their efforts, this sickly pup would finally get taken care of.

Tony is a member of the rescue team and when he first saw this animal, he knew that she was in more trouble than the rest. The poor girl was on the verge of starving to death and was suffering from a wide range of medical issues. While local authorities were in favor of putting the dog to sleep in order to keep disease from potentially spreading, the rescue team decided that they would do their best to find her first.

All it took was a little bit coordination and a small pinch of good fortune for them to track down the stray before it was too late. Tony called the animal over and she instinctively knew that he was someone she could easily trust. The pup was in very bad shape and her hair was mostly gone. She was also covered in ticks and fleas, in addition to a painful case of mange.

She was named Khalessi (Game of Thrones fans will get the reference) and they set about the task of improving her condition as quickly as they could. The local shelter was overcrowded and the dog rescue brought her to their official kitchen, so that she could receive the help she needed. Donations would soon come pouring in from those who wished to assist her in her journey.

Khaleesi’s front legs were fixed, her hair grew back on and she steadily put on weight. The photos of her from the present day look nothing like the ones of the stray. Khaleesi is unable to change her past, but her future is certainly in the best of hands. We live in a world that can be far too cruel and it is great to see that there are still people who are willing to above and beyond.

We are glad that the rescuers were able to reach this pup before local authorities got to her. Seeing strays suffer without a home can be heartbreaking and thanks to stories like these, we are able to see what can happen when someone is willing to put a little bit of time and effort into their care. Please pass this story along to raise awareness about the plight of stray animals.