Anxious woman spots man board bus with suspicious box, relaxes when she realizes what he did

Our lives intermingle with other people’s lives all the time, every day. Whether it’s passing one another at the intersection for one second or sitting next to someone on a bus for a few minutes; you never know if someone might change your life in an instant.

A woman named Camila Muracchini was on a routine bus trip when a complete stranger changed her entire perspective on humanity. It all started when she was riding a bus to work in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her ordinary day was about to come with a life lesson.

She noticed a man board her bus carrying a very suspicious box; it made her anxious.

“I’m already thinking about what he might have in there,” Muracchini wrote on Facebook. “I’m extremely worried … until I hear the first bark.”

Of course, hearing the bark eased her anxiety; it was clearly just a puppy. The man, however, became increasingly nervous.

“He looked around, frightened that he would be kicked off the bus for having an animal with him,” Muracchini recounted. “When the ticket collector asked, ‘Is that a dog there?,’ he replied very softly: ‘I found him abandoned. He’s a puppy. I’m taking him home.’”

The bus official felt empathy for the situation and did not discipline the man. It was nice to see that the man was going to be able to safely bring the puppy home with him. It was obvious that the man was very concerned about the puppy and wanted to get him off the streets and into a warm home.

“After realizing that nobody was going to ask him to get off the bus, he sat with the box in his lap and stayed there,” Muracchini wrote.

The event itself wasn’t anything major; however, it gave Muracchini a beautiful glimpse into the positive side of humanity.

“During the whole trip, he pet the dog, and the dog wagged his tail as if he had known the man for years,” she wrote. “A love so pure, it makes me believe there are still good people in the world.”

The dog must have a sense that he was now in a safe place. We hope that the man and the puppy are still together and are the best of friends. We want to thank Camila Muracchini for sharing this touching moment for the world to see.

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