Animal Rescuers Arrive At Hoarder’s Home And Realize Things Are Even Worse Than They Feared

This story is very sad, but keep in mind that most hoarders have a mental disorder and may not realize what they are doing. The Humane Society of North Texas and Keller Animal Control were called to a rundown home, what they saw will not be quickly forgotten.

Neighbors had called animal control when a strong foul odor started to come out of the house. The home owner wasn’t willing to let the authorities in at first.

Once they had obtained a search warrant, they were shocked at the horrific condition of the home and all the animals that lived inside and on the property.

The house had around 100 cats and dogs living in cages. There wasn’t any food available, no air conditioning, and no water for any of them.

This poor starving momma dog had her puppies all crowded into a filthy bathtub.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the rescuers found more disturbing things in the garage – dozens of cats living in cages stacked up on top of each other, not to mention that the garage was very hot.

The litter boxes were overflowing with feces – and the smell was overwhelming. Animal control was able to rescue 27 dogs and 84 cats from that house.

Sadly, fourteen of the animals were living in the back of a minivan parked on the property, the temperatures in there were in the mid-90s!

All of the animals were treated for starvation and dehydration. The authorities are expecting to press criminal charges against the person responsible.

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