American tourist goes to Japan, snaps hilarious photos of poorly translated t-shirts

English is one of the toughest languages to master. Our nuances, homophones, and technical terms; these can all be confusing to a non-native speaker. Despite this fact, a lot of Asian countries still want to buy and purchase popular, Westernized-style clothing. That’s where the fun comes in. The following few pictures show 13 examples of what happens when Asian translations go horribly— and hilariously— wrong.

Make Future -SO- Round

And they don’t just mean ’round.’ They mean ‘SO round.’

I Can Al Wats Depend

Honestly, this one was fairly decipherable until I hit the random ‘more than.’

Eat My Story

Well, that sounds inappropriate…

Main Transfer in the Aid of Conveyance Other

I can’t even begin to imagine what this one is trying to say…

Fart Sexy Style

It’s not often you see ‘fart’ and ‘sexy’ in the same sentence.

Way The Bridges I Burn Ight the Way

Alright, so compared to the others this one isn’t all that bad— but a quick Google search could have easily remedied this problem.

New York, Town of Hipsters

I’m actually not positive this one was a mistranslation…

Dainty Ppotagonist

While there are many English words that contain a double-P, ‘Ppotagonist’ is not one of them.


Flower Aroma Tour, a festival of love.

Are You Trking The

Well, are you?

Richland Bombers Track & Field Epecial Olympics

In this case, special means something just a bit different than one would assume…

Hamberger Friend

A bit dark and a bit twisted. But this is another one that a quick Google search could have saved.

Crap Your Hands

Last, but certainly not least, crap your hands and make some noise for the number one mistranslation on our list!

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