After This Photo Of A Nurse Went Viral, Moms Flooded The Internet With Stories That Will Amaze You

When a woman is giving birth, the right nurse can make all the difference in how she gets through and remembers the milestone event. Jill Krause, the writer behind parenting blog Baby Rabies, recently took to Facebook to express her gratitude for labor and delivery nurses, and she ended up setting off a chain reaction of love and support.

Krause started it all by sharing a poignant photo of a nurse helping a woman on the toilet after delivering a baby, taken by birth photographer Katie Lacer, and pairing with a touching anecdote about the nurses who helped her with the very same thing after her own birth. Unexpectedly, the post triggered a wave of moms who shared their own heartwarming stories and photos – as well as mass appreciation for Lacer and her incredible portfolio of work. The entire thread has now been shared more than 65 thousand times.

Scroll down to see the birth photos that everyone is talking about now, and join in on the love-fest. If you’ve ever had a nurse leave a lasting impression on you, tell us about them in the comments!

This photo of a nurse helping a woman who just gave birth is going viral and touching moms everywhere

It all started when Jill Krause, writer for blog Baby Rabies, shared the moving photo with this post:

The poignant portrait was taken by birth photographer Katie Lacer, whose work is now being massively shared

Krause’s original post ended up triggering a wave of love and appreciation for nurses from the moms they helped

And the nurses? They came forward to share their stories, too

Has a nurse ever made a difference for you when it mattered? Tell us below!