After A Terrible Car Accident Rescue Workers Said Her Dog Was Dead, But Mom Never Gave Up Hope

This family went through a very harrowing experience and while the Kelley family was very lucky to survive, they did not make it through the ordeal intact….or so they thought. While any family would count their lucky stars after making it through a major car accident, the Kelleys were not able to truly enjoy their good fortune. One of the most pivotal members of the family was unable to survive and this added a dark cloud to their moment of happiness.

Their dog Ella (a Rottweiler) was believed to be dead and there is simply no way for a family to get over the loss of a pet. You cannot replace a member of the family and Ella was more than a mere pet to them. She was a friend and a comrade. She was a sister and a best friend. When she was thrown from the vehicle, the rescue team could not find her and she was presumed to be dead.

The family was forced to confront the fact that their dog was probably gone and while this is certainly not a pill that anyone ever wants to swallow, they were simply happy to be alive. However, this is the type of story that will definitely speak to every member of our audience that believes in the value of never saying never and always keeping the faith.

After all, you just never know what tomorrow will bring and if you are able to maintain a semblance of hope and optimism, the universe has a way of rewarding you for not allowing yourself to take a turn for the negative. All it took were a few weeks for this family’s situation to take a drastic turn and we are beyond happy at the outcome to this seemingly sad story.

Two weeks after the accident took place, Kathy (the mother of the family) was out for a walk along the highway and what she ended up seeing will absolutely blow your mind. You are not going to believe who she ended up running into, but we are willing to provide you with a few hints. They had four legs and had lost quite a bit of weight due to being away from their family for an extended period of time.

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