Adorable Dog Raised By Cats Has No Idea She’s Actually A Dog

An identity crisis is when you can’t figure out who you are – right? Do you think this affects only people? Well, think again! Introducing Tally, the Siberian Husky who thinks she is a cat!

Tally grew up with and around cats, so it seems almost understandable that she would think she was a cat too! Look, when she lays down, she tucks her paws under her body – just like a cat!

Maybe she is just more comfortable that way. Okay, how about this – we all know cats love to play in boxes, right? Well, so does Tally!

I must admit, this is rather odd behavior for a dog!

My dog would rather eat the box than sitting inside it! Tally’s current owner adopted her when she was just two years old.

Tally spent about two years in the company of cats and picked up some of their behaviors!

Children and dogs learn by imitation! How would you feel if your dog acted like a cat? I can honestly say as long as the dog didn’t try to use the litter box (and went outside like a dog), I would have no problem with it at all!

Happily, Tally’s owner feels the same way! Tally’s quirks make her unique!

According to Tally’s owner, Tally shows no interest in other dogs she may see in the park or on the street.

Tally prefers to have her back scratched, not her tummy and will lay on the couch begging with her puppy dog eyes for attention!

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