Abandoned In An Empty House, This Little Girl Grew Up To Be A National Celebrity

It’s like something out of a Lifetime movie. No matter the talent of the person behind the laptop, you just couldn’t create a story as sensational, tragic, and twisted as this. In a small village in Russia, people had been hearing the faint cries of a child for days. They assumed the baby was sick, but then they noticed something strange.

They Found Her Abandoned And Alone Here

No one came in or out of the house where the noise originated, and an investigation discovered the reason why. Inside, left by herself and with no one to care for her, was a baby girl. Later identified as Liza Verbitskaya, the child had simply been abandoned by her parents, which the police could not locate. She was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

She Had A Troubled Childhood

Thus began a roller coaster childhood of life in the care of the state. While in the hospital, she met Inna Nikka who was there looking after her own son. The two instantly connected and the older woman vowed to take care of the baby girl. Even when Liza was sent to an orphanage, Inna followed, filing the lengthy paperwork to make the girl her own. Assimilating her into a new family was very tough, but as she grew, the little girl began to show signs of promise.

After Being Adopted, She Became A Famous Face In Her Country

She started winning beauty contest and talent shows. This lead to a modeling contract, and for a while, Liza was a minor celebrity in her home country. And wouldn’t you know it – once the money came pouring in and the fame was flowering, the birth mother showed up. She wanted to “reconnect” with her daughter. Inna collected the information and gave it to Liza. The girl has yet to decide what to do. Not necessarily the happy ending you were expecting, right?

Liza Working The Catwalk

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