Abandoned Chubby Chihuahua Gets Second Chance At Life In More Ways Than One!

Some animals live with a lot of misery until one special person comes along who feels an instant bond with them and changes their lives.

Lu-Seal is a Chihuahua who lived happily with her owner for nine years until the woman abandoned her at an animal shelter.

Lu-Seal weighed a whopping 16 pounds when he was handed over to animal services, which is twice as much as she should have weighed for her particular breed and height.

Her owner claimed she just couldn’t deal with the sweet pup’s obesity anymore and signed over her rights.

Unfortunately, many people didn’t want to deal with the overweight dog either and Lu-Seal was left at the kennel for quite some time.

Finally, a woman saw Lu-Seal’s photo online and thought she was adorable. She decided to go to the shelter and meet the Chihuahua face-to-face to see if there was a connection.

Instantly, Lu-Seal and Julia fell in love.

Lu-Seal was renamed as such when she arrived at the shelter because her chubbiness combined with her coloring made her look like a spotted seal.

Julia decided to keep the name, but she was going to make some other changes to her new pup.

Lu-Seal lost two pounds by the time Julia adopted her but she knew her sweet dog had a long way to go still.

Due to her obesity, Lu-Seal had some pain in her legs which a vet made manageable and Julia was committed to making Lu-Seal get plenty of daily exercise. She even put the Chihuahua on a strict 250-calorie diet.

Within a few months, Lu-Seal was healthy, active, and most importantly, happy.

Watch Lu-Seal’s Transformation:

Lu-Seal is so lucky to have found Julia and her forever home!

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