Abandoned And Left For Dead With Its Brain Exposed, This Dog Is Fighting To Live

Dogs are amazing animals indeed. Their willpower are even stronger than humans sometimes. Take Archie for an example. Archie was abandoned by his owners with unknown reasons. He was found with a gaping wound on his head, even his brain was exposed!

Thankfully for Archie, kind neighbours have been feeding Archie.

Look at the wound!

He required immediate medical attention due to the seriousness of his injury.

He is currently being fostered by Jessica White who has been requesting for donations to help Archie to get the medical treatment he needs.

Archie is not alone thankfully. He has a few fellow dogs to comfort and support him.

This is Archie’s favourite soft toy.

Fortunately, the donations made are sufficient enough for Archie to receive treatment.

Such a happy boy!

Archie certainly looks better now!

Archie will be well in no time.

We are all hoping to see Archie’s full recovery in the future.

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