A woman put a humiliating picture of her child on the internet. Can she be called a mother?!

The internet helps us realize that not every adult should have children!

Parenthood means great responsibility for the new human being, who is completely dependent on the parents. A child needs care, love and safety to develop properly. Some people seem to forget about it.

Unfortunately, sometimes we hear news about parents who mistreat their children. The neglect and violence the children face are terrible. Such a little person can’t defend itself and it doesn’t understand why their own family hurt them. It shows that when being an adult doesn’t necessary mean being mature. Maternity requires sacrifice and patience and being aware of the fact that children are not toys. A woman from Philippines seemed to forget about it. You will find out more on the next page.

She found it incredibly funny to put pictures of her child, naked, helpless and treated worse than an animal on the internet. With a leash on its neck, the child had to eat from a bowl put on the ground. The mother would probably have got away with it if it hadn’t been for Lureen Hilliard, who is a children’s rights activist and fights child abuse.

As he told us, he went furious when he saw the picture. We cannot leave the parents who humiliate their children unpunished. Lureen quickly reported the picture and took legal actions to punish the mother. The woman claimed that there was nothing wrong with the picture and that it had been taken for fun! It got Hilliard even angrier as he believes that such humiliation is the first step towards violence and child abuse. He pulled all the strings he could to prosecute the woman. The child has been placed in a social service institution.

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