A Woman Became Pregnant While ALREADY Pregnant And It Almost Had A Tragic Ending

Being able to give someone life is a miraculous gift that stays with a woman for a lifetime.

Being able to give someone else that gift who can’t do it themselves is nothing short of remarkable.

Six months after Jessica gave birth to her second son, she and her husband, Wardell decided that Jessica would become a surrogate mother for a couple that could not bare their own children.

In California, where Jessica and Wardell reside, the process is called “commercial surrogacy” and is quite controversial around the country.

Jessica’s ordeal may give an inclination why there’s so much controversy surrounding this type of surrogacy.

Both Jessica and the parents whom she was a surrogate for initially believed the twins she was carrying were biologically theirs; why would anyone think differently?

But three days after Jessica’s C-section, the truth slowly began to come out.

As Jessica recovered following the surgery, she grew concerned, then frustrated, then angry with the biological mother, who had violated the terms of their contract.

In Jessica’s $35,000 contract, it clearly stated that she was allowed an hour with the newborns before they were discharged from the maternity unit but the twins were whisked away almost instantly.

The next day, the mother showed Jessica a photo of the babies on her phone during a brief visit to her room.

“Wow, they look different!” Jessica exclaimed.

That’s because they were.

Not only were the twins not identical, they weren’t even biologically related or the same age.

One of the boys was the couple’s baby that she was a surrogate for, while the other was her biological child with Wardell.How does this happen? It’s an extremely rare medical incident called superfetation and occurs when a woman continues to ovulate while she’s pregnant and one of the eggs becomes fertilized.

But it doesn’t end there for Jessica. After a DNA test proved the second child belonged to Jessica, the couple wanted nothing to do with the baby and a legal battle ensued between Jessica, the couple, and the agency Jessica and the couple had gone through.

After a lengthy fight with the agency, Jessica and Wardell were awarded full custody of their son, which they have since renamed Malachi, and don’t owe the agency or couple a dime.

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Thankfully, Jessica, Wardell and their boys are able to live a happy life together.

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