A rich woman tried to humiliate a waitress in an upscale restaurant. Then the manager came in and the rich woman got what she deserved

Good education is the greatest wealth of mankind.

Money is necessary for normal functioning in today’s world, but its presence should not overwhelm the world. Having significant financial resources does not make a person better, but on the contrary. Fortune often spoils people because it makes them selfish, egoistic, pretentious and makes them forget what respect for another man is.

Money allows you to buy a lot of valuable and luxury goods or services, but you cannot buy the most important things or positive qualities. You can have a sum with a few zeros, and remain a gerbil and a chameleon, that is, be a very poor man.

Rich people like to emphasize their status by going to exclusive places such as expensive restaurants. In love for luxury and service at the highest level there is nothing wrong, unless their acquisition does harms other people.

To a very familiar and expensive restaurant came a middle-aged married couple. When they had a table, a waitress approached them a few minutes later and said with a smile:

Good morning. I have the pleasure of welcoming you to our restaurant! Are you ready to place your order?

Unfortunately, the reaction of the woman sitting at the table did not match the pleasant welcome of the waitress. The client immediately became red and demanded that the room manager approach her, and that she did not want to speak with the surprised girl at all.

What was wrong for this unpleasant customer? What did the manager of the room say? You can find answers to these questions on the following pages.

The head of the room was in a troublesome table at the moment, and the dissatisfied woman explained to him the following:

Your waiters at the service desk are listening to music on their headphones. It’s uncultured and unprofessional because the waiter is supposed to focus only on meeting the needs of the guests and serving them.

The surprised manager assured her that such behavior does not fall within the standards of the restaurant and certainly no one ignores customers while listening to music during service, and if something like this happens, then she can ask for information. After that, the client indignantly pointed at the waitress who wanted to serve her.

Madam, this waitress is not listening to music. There is a hearing aid in her ears so that she can speak normally. Please do not worry, you will be professionally served by her.

The manager of the room thought this would be the end, but unfortunately, he was wrong …

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Unfortunately, the client did not acknowledge that the waitress is disabled and wears hearing aids.

Whether she listens or does not listen to music, it does not matter, because I do not want someone to serve me like that. I am asking for another waiter.

These words of the woman in the restaurant exhausted the patience of the room manager.

You consider yourself a lady, yet behave very unkindly and bitterly. Our waitress has trouble hearing, but this is not a reason for discrimination. Please immediately leave our restaurant and never again come here.

The client was overwhelmed and blushed with shame as she ran off the premises, followed by her husband.

The waitress was moved by the defense of the room manager. She did not expect it meant that much to him and she was proud to work in such a place where respect for humanity is at the forefront, and money does not give customers the right to abuse people.

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