A 19-year-old with a tattoo on half his face complains that he cannot find a job. Would you hire him?

A tattoo can be both a decoration and a curse.

The owners of tattooed names of significant others know that even though that person was supposed to be with them forever, they left those sad trails behind. These tattoos thus must be covered later. Inept artists do not necessarily know how to do it. The truth is also understood by those who have tattoos and infections, because they have chosen tattoos inadvertently and went to an unhygienic tattoo shop.

A tattoo usually stays with us for life, so you have to really think hard about the right design. The decision to have a tattoo cannot be made hastily, too young or under the influence of drugs, and certainly not in the case of a combination of all three.

19-year-old Mark Cropp was tattooed in prison, behind prison bars on Christchurch Island in New Zealand. Unfortunately, our main character was not fully aware of what he was doing and decided to etch his face with a huge inscription of “DEVAST8” (literally wiped out, ruined), which was his prison nickname.

As he sat under the needle, he was completely drunk off a prison moonshine. In a similar condition was his tattoo.

When the imprisoned artist finished the inscription, which ran along the jaw of the teenager, the eyes of a young boy appeared on his swollen face half covered with redness and half covered in fresh ink. But the young man was not yet aware of the consequences of this actions.

Cropp was thrown behind bars after his 2015 robbery. The man put a knife to a tourist’s throat who did not want to pay for the fake marijuana the teenager wanted to trick him into selling. As a strange coincidence, 17-year-old Mark was in the same cell where his brother had earlier landed. An experienced criminal had convinced young Mark that the tattoo would be a great way for other prisoners to fear and adore the teenager. It was supposed to be a security for a boy who did not look too threatening at the time.

Sadly, not everything went according to the thoughts of his siblings. The aforementioned prison moonshine, made from fermented apples, sugar and bread, hit the teenager’s head and that of his tattoo artist’s. What started as an inscription along his jaw became a huge tattoo on half his face, which Mark said, – Looked like a bloody pumpkin.

In the beginning, Mark did not care about his tattoo, which in prison performed its function: to scare off fellow inmates. When, however, after two years he had finished his time behind bars and into the world came his daughter’s future, it had changed radically. The young father started looking for work to earn for his family. The results of the search were lousy.

The ink on his face effectively scared away not only fellow prisoners but also potential employers. They were disgusted, scared and discouraged by the appearance of the young man. One of the potential employers told him: “I would not hire you with that face, I would not even look at you again,” confesses the teenage father. As he says, other people just shrugged and openly ridiculed him. Desperate, he turned to Internet users for help finding a job.

He wrote: “I have enough people looking at me through the prism of appearance. I am a normal man, a father who wants to earn for his child. I have great enthusiasm for work, but no one wants to give me a chance,”

Mark said. His appeal met with various reactions of Internet users. But there are people willing to help the teenager. Apparently, there is already one willing to give him employment.

And you, would you take give a job to a similarly looking man?

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