90-Year-Old Woman’s Kindness Leads To Being Fined $2,500 Per Day Because Of It!

As much as we love our families, sometimes they can drive us a little crazy.

Maybe not even all of them, but that one person who you can only take in very small doses.

The uncle who is completely inappropriate and embarrasses you in front of your friends, the auntie who always has something to say about your appearance at family gatherings, the cousin who always borrows money but never pays it back…

You love them because they are your blood, but they are also the cause of many holiday headaches.

Chances are, they could be much worse even if it’s hard to imagine it.

You could have a relative like 90-year-old Agnes Maples, who took advantage of her one-time kindness and caused her to be hit with a $2,500 daily fine.

Agnes allowed a family member to put some old junk in her backyard. Unfortunately, they kept piling old stuff in her yard for years until it got to the point where her neighbors called the city to complain.

The city took action and began to fine her because of the mess.

She begged her relative to remove the trash because she couldn’t do it herself.
“I tried to get him to get it out. It was terrible. All kinds of garbage,” Agnes said.

To make matters worse, her roof started deteriorating and animals started to get in. She also didn’t have any air conditioning and all three of these issues led to Agnes living in misery.

That is until she was so scared and desperate, she turned to Operation Blessing for help.

“They’re angels. They came in and cleaned out all the stuff, tore the shed down and tore the trailer down and taken everything out,” Agnes said.

That wasn’t all these “angels” did for Agnes. Watch the video below to see how these wonderful people lifted more than one burden for the elderly widow.

Watch the video below:


A 90-Year-Old Widow With Nowhere to Turn

A relative used Agnes’ home as a dumping ground for debris and trash. The city threatened to charge $2,500 if the horrible mess wasn’t cleaned up. Barely able to walk, she had no hope of getting the job done, but see who was able to come to her rescue! http://share.cbn.com/41oaq

Posted by The 700 Club on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Who would do something like this to an elderly family member? Agnes is so grateful for the help of Operation Blessing.

They started working and they sure did do a good job,” says Agnes. “And they’re all my little angels. And I never will forget them. And I love them.”

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