4-Year-Old Shows Up To First Day Of School, But They Send Him Home Because Of His Haircut

The first day of school is supposed to be a positive moment that children always remember. For one student who is currently attending Barbers Hill in Texas, the first day provided them with a sad reminder of the problems that still exist in our nation’s school systems. Little Jabez got sent home before the day even had a chance to begin and the reasoning behind it was more than a little bit fishy.

Can you believe that the little boy was told that his hair was a violation of the school’s dress code? His mother, Jessica, had yet to cut the four year old’s hair and she did not think that she would have to in order to send him to school. During the registration process, Jessica was told that her son’s hair would need to remain off the neck and above the ears in order for him to attend.

In Jessica’s mind, there was one simple solution to this issue. She tied her little boy’s hair up in a bun and sent him off to school without a second thought. In her mind, the child should not have to receive a haircut just to appease this school’s arbitrary sense of morality. The school is claiming that this policy is not borne out of a sense of intolerance.

They are willing to offer exceptions to students who do not cut their hair because of cultural or religious reasons. Jessica must now write a letter to the school that explains this aspect of her decision making and until she does, Jabez is not allowed to attend. She is incredulous about this requirement and is going to stand her ground every step of the way.

Stories like these are bound to inspire their fair share of debate. There are going to be some people who fall on the side of the school and believe that they have the right to make these types of demands of their students. Meanwhile, there are going to be others who believe that a child has the right to wear their hair in any way that they want if they wish to pursue an education.

Where do you stand on this matter? Are you on the side of the school or are you on the side of Jessica and her son Jabez? If you are anything like us, you probably think that they reached this decision in a manner that was too hasty. But this is a story that definitely needs to be shared, so that the floodgates of debate can be opened further.