4-Year-Old Reveals Dad’s Secret To Teacher — Who Looks Him In The Eye And Realizes The Unthinkable

Meet Nancy Bleuer, a 54 year-old preschool teacher from Mason City in Iowa. Earlier this year, Nancy had noticed that 4 year-old Camden’s eyes were full of sorrow. She then took the time to talk to him and find out his worries. Camden however, told her some bad news about his father.

Camden’s father, Darreld Petersen, suffered a terminal illness and had to go through kidney dialysis regularly. As Darreld’s condition worsened, Camden became increasingly depressed as he was scared of losing his father.

She decided to donate one of her kidneys to Darreld after hearing the bad news. Miraculously, Nancy’s kidney was suitable for Darreld so she immediately filled up the relevant paperwork.

Darreld was both shocked and overjoyed when Nancy offered to donate one of her kidneys.

After finding out that Nancy’s kidney was suitable, they surprised her with flowers at the school. Camden was overjoyed that his teacher had saved his father’s life just by donating one of her kidneys.

The surgery took place on the 1st of June.
Both Darreld and Nancy are now recovering.

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