4-Year-Old Gives Her Piggy Bank To Cop Battling Cancer

When one Colorado girl found out a police officer from the local police department was sick, she knew she had to do something to help out.

“Many of you will recall Sidney (4-years-old), who made national news when Longmont Police Officer Bonday came to her house to search out and remove monsters in her new home,” the Longmont Police Department wrote in a post on Facebook.

“Today, Sidney was back at the department with a different purpose.” After finding out Officer Kyle Zulauf was battling pancreatic cancer, she decided to empty her piggy bank, which contained all of her savings. “She wanted to give her piggy bank money,” Sidney’s mom, Megan Fahrenbruch, explained.

The 4-year-old emptied her piggy bank, and presented the officers with about $8. “The cops were crying when she handed the money over,” Megan said. “It was a very emotional moment, just that a child can understand the situation. The police department was overwhelmed.”

“Words are not available for what this means to us,” the police said. “Thank you, Sidney (and family) for your kindness. Thank you Longmont community for your support.”

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