4 Puppies Were Found Covered In Hot Tar And Left On The Road To Die

This is the type of story that often seems too heinous to be true and while we wish that we could live in a world where they no longer take place, there are certain people who do not share those views. The idea that someone could intentionally injure an animal that has done nothing to deserve it shakes us to our very core and makes us wonder what kind of planet we are living on.

Isai, Romania is the setting for the living nightmare that these dogs were forced to endure and while these images may be unsettling to some, they are necessary. We all need to stop living in a world where we pretend that events like these are not taking place and we need to stop collectively turning a blind eye just because they do not happen in our backyard.

These puppies were covered in tar and left in the middle of the road to die. We cannot imagine what the thought process would be in a scenario. Who could possibly dislike a group of puppies enough to hurt them like this? However, you will be very happy to hear that these puppies were able to be rescued in the nick of time. Their initial prognosis was grim, but they have all survived.

The Sky Foundation For Animal Rights is responsible for their rescue and we would hate to think of what might have happened had they not been willing to step in and step up. Can you believe that this is not the first group of puppies to have been found in this state? According to local reports, there is a monster on the loose who is capturing puppies and covering them in tar on purpose.

People like these are truly unbelievable. How can you have so much time on your hands and be able to find something more constructive to do with yourself? Since local police officers were heard saying that the case was a waste of time, it is up to organizations like The Sky Foundation For Animal Rights to advocate for dogs who find themselves in these sorts of predicaments.

Romania is not the only nation in the world that is behind the times when it comes to the rights of animals. Please share this story to spread awareness. It is our sincere hope that those who partake in these crimes are given the punishment that they truly deserve….not just a mere slap on the wrist.