25-Year-Old Vanishes Into Thin Air. A Month Later, Woman Spots Naked Woman Along Highway

Just imagine how terrifying and astonishing it would be to drive down the highway one day and see an adult woman prancing around in the bushes, as opposed to a deer. For one Alabama woman, this is precisely what took place and this is one of the most astonishing stories of recent memory. When Judy spotted the nude and emaciated woman on the side of the road, she knew that she would need to stop and help.

The story took place in Bullock County, Alabama…on Highway 82, to be exact. The woman was named Lisa Theris and this 25 year old woman had been missing for almost a month. Not only was she starved and dehydrated, but her body was also covered in various bites and scratches. She’d spent the time away wandering in the woods and was able to survive off of puddle water, berries and wild mushrooms.

Judy gave Lisa some water and called 911 for further assistance. She had not run off into the woods on her own accord and the story of how she came to end up in this predicament is a sad one indeed. She was hanging out with two men who revealed their plans to rob a lodge and when she was not willing to go along with their idea, she decided to run away from the nefarious thieves.

When she ran away, her lack of familiarity with the area that she found herself in caused her to become lost. The two men in question went through with their plans and were later arrested for their role in the crime. They had made off with $40,000 worth of product and while Lisa is thought to be a person of interest in this case, the authorities are going to allow her to recuperate before asking any more questions.

They want her health to be the first priority at the current moment and according to her family, every inch of her body has experienced some effect. The Theris family knows just how lucky they are that she was found and if she had not been located when she was, she did not have much longer to live. She is clearly a strong woman and she has made it through the storm and been able to come out on the other side.

She continues to recover from the injuries that she suffered and this story serves as an important reminder to all of us about the importance of treasuring our friends and loved ones while they are still here. Please share this amazing tale of grit and perseverance with the people that you care about most as soon as possible.