24 People Who Want To Watch The World Burn

Some people are either just lazy, careless, or want to watch the world burn. These 24 people did a terrible job at their jobs:

1. This guy installing his window

2. Who installed this drain?

3. Almost

4. Must have been dyslexic

5. Close

6. Upside down

7. Useless

8. Just being a dick

9. You’re either first or you’re 3st

10. This had to be done on purpose

11. The guy who installed this door

12. STOP IT!

13. Someone must have been hungry on the job

14. This store never closes

15. Move the bench a couple feet to the left

16. This guy can’t follow instructions

17. I drink wine like it’s water

18. Don’t go here

19. Nice cover up job

20. HAHA

21. NOPE

22. Almost

23. Know your fortune before you eat the cookie

24. Seriously?

25. Who else would skip this house?