20 Times Dads Watched Their Kids That Made Mom Rush Home ASAP

We have all heard stories about how dads are rather – um, creative about how they care for their kids. They will strap their baby carriers to remote controlled vehicles and roll them around the house! Years ago, there was a skit Bill Cosby did about feeding his kids chocolate cake for breakfast!

He rationalizes that the cake had the food groups, dairy (milk) and eggs – so it really was a healthy option. Of course, when his wife came downstairs and saw everyone with a huge slab of cake, he never was in charge of breakfast again! The following twenty dads are trying their best to be good dads, but in many cases, fall just a little short – but we love them for trying so hard!

1. At least when she fell, it was into a pit of soft squishy things.

2. Olivia seems quite happy with just overalls – give the guy a break!

3. Well, yes there is a resemblance. However, I am not sure I’d brag about it!

4. This is actually genius, the kids think they are playing and leave dad to his ‘work!’

5. This dad is simply working too hard! I am glad the baby is sleeping and not trying to wiggle around!

6. Now, this is funny! This guy and his baby are having too much fun!

7. I would have never thought of this….

8. This is lazy parenting – but rather genius! Everyone is happy!

9. Every father has a dream! Most mothers may disapprove!

10. Well, that will keep the little guy from getting away!

11. There are such things as child labor laws!

12. Is he training these kids for a future in the service industry?! Poor kids!

13. Well, it isn’t pretty, but the baby is all swaddled!

14. As a mother, I will never understand the fascination with this…

15. I am not sure what the duct tape is fixing here. Is the child hard to keep up with?!

16. Hmm, traveling in style? At least the girl is enjoying herself!

17. Yes, those are boxers over a child’s head…. this is kinda scary!

18. Dad is having too much fun with drawing eyebrows!

19. And now we have the evil villainess version! Complete with a mustache!

20. Hee hee! Here is a dad who went all out with the face drawing and got some cute photos!

So, there you have it, dads trying to be good fathers and sort of missing the mark a little bit. We can also give them points for creativity! One thing is certain, these dads are already involved in their child’s life, and the children are lucky to have them! Share away, people!