18 bizarre examples of fruits and veggies sprouting early – They might just make your skin crawl

When you think of gardening, you probably don’t think of it as the most exciting hobby. It’s more of a relaxing household project or for some, it can be a tedious chore. It turns out that we don’t give plants the credit that they deserve when it comes to being exciting.

Plants have a certain life cycle, just like humans — and if that cycle gets disrupted somehow from chemicals, trauma, or sometimes no reason at all, strange things can happen because of it.

We found 18 of the strangest transformations mother nature performed on these fruits and veggies. These are downright bizarre.

Apparently, these strawberry seeds were ready to sprout. No planting needed!

Here’s an apple seed that was also a bit overzealous in it’s sprouting.

It’s not every day that you get to see the beginnings of a palm tree.

What is even happening with this bell pepper?!

This is what happens when you forget about a bag of potatoes in the closet.

So, basically, that’s a mini apple tree coming out of an apple.

What would have happened if they didn’t cut this pumpkin open?

That lemon went past edible and right back into the cycle of life again.

Another strawberry that can’t contain itself.

Despite the sprouting seeds, the papaya meat still looks good to eat at least!

Do not leave cabbage unattended. Although it quite pretty.

This looks more like an alien than it does a tomato.

A few more days in the fridge and who knows what this avocado could have turned into.

Another neglected bag of potatoes gone awry.

This out of control cabbage is actually quite beautiful.

This doesn’t even look real, let alone look like an artichoke.

Instead of rotting, this tomato decided to just grow instead.

Apparently, strawberries just can’t be tamed.

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