15+ Times We Got To The Doctor’s Office And Laughed Hysterically

Not many people enjoy visiting the doctor’s office. There’s lots of waiting, lots of sickness, and a few generally uncomfortable procedures involved. These following doctors, however, are showing just how valuable a sense of humor can be in lightening the mood and making a health visit more enjoyable. I haven’t done any statistics or anything, but (as you’ll see) dentists and OBGYNs seem to definitely be the overall comedians of the medical world…

This doctor apparently went hard with his costume. The poster says he had a fake parrot and shillings, and was cracking pirate jokes during the entire appointment.

This gloriously “visual” pen is distributed by a fertility clinic.

When one little girl came in and mentioned being afraid of the monsters in her closet, this doc made her some homemade monster spray!

Doctor said this must be worn at all times. Always plan for the future, you know?

I bet nobody misses their dentist appointments with these amazing reminders.

This is the sink in a fertility doctor’s “collection room”.

This doctor’s office has some sage advice for its patients…

A person was waiting patiently for their appointment when they saw this ‘punny’ stool sample.

If that’s not a truth bomb, then I don’t know what is.

I actually think this should be included in every medical office— because I know I’m not the only one who goes straight to 9 when asked.

Staring at the ceiling while getting your teeth cleaned can be boring— but with a Where’s Waldo ceiling poster, this dentist has got you covered.

Cause if they can make Gollum look good, you know you can trust them.

I think this one speaks for itself.

One hospital employee printed this out for her younger colleagues.

They say there are no stupid questions— but this OB seems to disagree.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this doctor has been dealing with a few anti-vaxxers.

I mean, the T-Rex does make a point.

And now YOU can sleep with this dentist too!

A vasectomy can be painful. So, just lay back and enjoy your sack of nuts.

This guy’s doctor pointed out that he looked like the poster.

I love the pin, but I gotta say, I would be vaguely unsettled seeing it on a doctor…

One doctor makes this book available to all his patients.

You know, in case you had ever asked yourself the question.

This doctor clearly knows the weight loss struggle is real.

This Medical Center is asking the important questions.

One doctor is sick of your goddamn sick notes.

Playing Operation with a little girl and Dora the Explorer? Definite win.

This doctor promised to take a funny photo while his patient was under anesthesia. I think he kept his end of the bargain.

This OBGYN clinic made a lovely visual chart showing reactions through the stages of birth.

Phew, cause you know, that’s exactly where I was gonna put it.

And finally, a dentist’s office: the only place where mentioning cavity searches is an amazing advertisement.

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