13 Times Parents Embarrassed Their Children On Facebook

Oh damn, now even parents are on Facebook.

Try not to set out to remark or share something crazy that will lead you into inconvenience. I feel, at times like us, our parents additionally begins living in the virtual world as opposed to living in the genuine one and cross a few lines that make everybody humiliate. I am not saying this falsely, I have in real observed such occurrences that pulled my jaw down and even it will do yours as well.

Look at yourself from anyone else in the event that you don’t trust my words and I’m certain you will understand that social media can be cruel sometimes.

#1 OMG! It’s better not to include your father in friend list.

#2 Sometimes it’s better to ignore than starting a discussion.

#3 Sob off, father, It wasn’t interesting in any way.

#4 Real princess doesn’t need any tag line, girl

#5 Let’s have gathering.. Uh oh! I overlooked that my parents are friends with me on Facebook

#6 What the hell is this?

#7 Actually, old is gold, wouldn’t you say so?

#8 After all age matters, Isn’t it?

#9 Ha-ha pull your socks to get roasted

#10 You still need a better english class, dear

#11 Happy birthday Mr. 8305.5 days

#12 To quarks from the quacks

#13 Say NO to all personal chats on Faceook