10+ Hilarious Dogs Who Stole The Show At Their Owners’ Weddings

Weddings are about bringing together the ones we love most. For many of us this list includes our dogs. These couples decided they just couldn’t have their weddings without including their dogs as central figures of the ceremony. Here are 30 dogs who got to be in the wedding!

The couple may have been wrapped up in the moment, but their dog was way more interested in the giant camera.

This pup dressed the part for his big day.

This dog is an absolute flower child.

The evening was just not complete without the dog there.

This dog is the life of the party.

This Corgi is all dressed up with a wedding to go to.

This dog is very classy in his bow tie.

When this bunch got together, they didn’t dare make the dogs miss out on all the fun.

This pit bull took the ceremony very seriously.

This dog was given the high honor of walking with the parents down the aisle.

This pup was a source of comfort and support for the couple on their big day.

This pug blended right in with the guests and the foliage.

This dog took his job as a security guard very seriously.

Smile! This family photo is sure to be hung on the wall.

This dog looks so regal in her ribbons and flowers.

He got the smallest tux available, and it was still too big!

Back off, guys! I get the first dance!

This couple absolutely needed to have their best friend at their side.

This pit bull is ready for his big début.

Come on, guys. I’ve had a long day.

This guy swooped in for the big kiss.

This is probably the classiest poodle you will ever see.

This man couldn’t choose which lady he would rather walk down the aisle with.

This dog is the belle of the ball.

He couldn’t stand to miss a moment of the fun.

Alright, let’s bring in the whole family for this one!

There was cheer in the air that day.

This pup is so cute, he doesn’t even look real!

Now this is like something straight out of a movie.

This crafty dog found the perfect way to sneak into the wedding.

These couples couldn’t have their weddings without their dogs by their sides, and the resulting pictures are great.

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